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17.7.24Winter in the Kitchen GardenKew Gardens

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  • Climate resilient crops
  • No-dig gardening
  • The history of the kitchen garden at RGB Kew
  • How to plan your growing year
  • Future Foods
  • Basic vegetable gardening
  • Irrigation techniques
  • The botany of vegetables
  • Fruit management
  • Edible flowers as pest management

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    Currently I manage a kitchen garden which is part of a large botanic garden. All the produce is organically grown using a no-dig system on the beds. The harvests are used within the onsite kitchens and sold to the public.

    Image courtesy of Clara Molden

    I am a kitchen gardener working in London, and focus on experimenting with new crops and techniques, especially in the area of climate change. Trained in a historic setting, I have a strong passion for heritage vegetables and also specialise in trained fruit and orchard management.

    I have previously managed an Edwardian kitchen garden, which consisted of an orchard, a peach house and a cut flower garden.

    Along side my practical horticutural work, I write books on the subject, as well as giving lectures and training sessions. I am passionate about sharing experiences and knowledge.